Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Morning

This morning I climbed out of bed around 7:45am. Let the cats into our partners bedroom, well I was getting some clean clothes. For the past hour, I've been updating my profile on blogger and searching the blogs for something to inspire me. The last two to three days I've done nothing but play games and get frustrated about not being able to write. I totally hate when I can't write. It gets me so depressed with the lack of wanting to live. I know many people might think I'm weird or strange, but truthful I get bogged down and depressed majorly when I'm not able to write.

This morning, I thought search blogger to see if you read someones blog maybe I'll get inspired and want to write and write. No I don't have writers block. I just not inspired. Writing to me is a way of expressing my feelings, thought and my soul onto paper and I feel good about it. Writing is something I do naturally. It lets me express who I am on the inside, not how I look on the outside...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Read - A Writer's Guide to Fiction

Yesterday I took a trip to our local bookstore. It was a good thing. I found this book, which spoke to me. Now soince reading it today, I have come to an understanding that to be a good writer and understand the craft of plotting out and building good characters is the most importan thing a writer should do. Without a guide to what your story is about, who you want to touch and read the book is important also.

A Writer's Guide to Fiction (Writer's Compass)I've always wanted to be a writer since moving to America, to be with my partner. To be honest, till I came to America to live I always thought I had no skills at all. Not just no writing skills, but nothing to offer anyone. This has changed, I have come to an understanding that Maybe there is something I can offer people, my memories, my thoughts and my journey in life. FIrst my life partner is such an awesome person. I know I've put, no me, but this body has put them through a lot in the five, well nearly five years we've been in America.

I studied for my GED, which I never wanted to do in the first place. But I did pass the math, science and social studies part, but as for the English, nope. I was crap at anything in the field of writing. But now, I don't find writing a chore, I find it entertaining and a blessing. Letting my imagination run riot. Letting my life experiences merge with my imagination, we write stories and we enjoy it.