Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goals and Dreams

It's 1:47pm, I'm tired somewhat, but not tired enough to rest and take a horrid nap. Yes I hate naps, but times I must admit it I need them. Right now I'm getting so much inspiration to write, that what I'm doing. Maybe not writing as in my story, just writing here and surfing the blogger web. At times I try and get inspiration by searching subjects on profiles on blogger. I've found many a good hint and feeling to get me writing on my current story. I have one major story going and a semi major story. Both christian and teen related.

I enjoy writing teen christian stories. I have plenty inside my head, just wanting to burst out and onto paper. But getting the right juices flowing to get what I need to get done is hard, but with the new book my partner got me at half-price book store is awesome. I have read some chapters over and over. It gives me a light into the dark dense tunnel I feel my writing is.

I love writing poetry, shorts stories and now a novel. I've been writing on and off for three years now. Writing is the only way I can express my feelings, emotions and thoughts running through my head. My partner is my main source of inspiration. After that our cats and stuff I get from being outside, in church, and my friends online and at church. Church is a great place of inspiration and friendship and a big source of writing inspiration.

Right now I better get on with the title of this post. I have four goals I wast to set myself...

  • Writing daily (250+) words
  • Reading a chapter a day
  • Closing mind to prayer( for inspiration)

  • To finish a novel by xmas
  • to be happy and not feel back about it
  • to enjoy my writing, and feel the muse talking into my soul

Friday, July 23, 2010

Story - In the American Jungle

I should be fast asleep, it was way past ten. I wasn’t sleepy, not one bit. Over, and over were the words of the discussion with my dad a couple hours earlier. He announced he wanted to move the pair of them out of the universe. That’s hoe I saw it. Moving me away from my friends, just so he could be happy. What about my happiness, didn’t that count for the something? I had no intention of letting him do this to me. I had rights. He didn’t deserve the label of dad; he was a father to me now. Only loving parental roles are considered mom or dad.

If mom was still alive she wouldn’t allow this to happen. Then it hit me, if mom was alive dad wouldn’t be doing this. I started thinking, about mom and then about dad. He did deserve to be happy; even I wouldn’t stop him from being happy. It’s had been five years since mom had passed. Maybe it was time to let her rest, but could he find someone in London or Essex. That way I could still have my secret love with Jorge.

Decision Time

Over the past three to four days I've toyed with the idea of writing a novel. I have tried many time to start, but never actually finish one. I have prayed for guidance, strength and knowledge to do so. I have the tools to write. I'm not educated or anything like that. But I have the drive, passion and pure enjoyment of writing within me. I sit back and read book, after book, after book. This I do to get the right knowledge of the craft of writing. To be a writer, you need talent, drive and the right inspiration and strength to move forward and actually do what you're setting yourself out to do.

I've toyed with two different story plots to write. One a christian/gay theme, the other a christian/vision story. One is called In the American Jungle, the other Hey God? Are you Listening?... If you think these titles are good, let me know. I plan on writing both stories side-by-side. The thing is I love writing, but sometimes i can be a perfectionist with regards to the beginning and the whole way through the story. If something doesn't look right, I delete the whole story and start again.

If you have tips to improve my writing skill, please email me...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting it Right - Storytelling

For the past three weeks, I have been trying hard to get the story I wanted to write out. Every-time I wrote the first few chapters, and I read through them; they never looked like what I envisioned. So attempt after attempt I tried and tried again. Nothing was working and I felt like I was hitting a stone wall. The story I wanted to write was about a lad who was struggling with the death of his mother and getting into trouble with police and more. I have decided if I'm every gonna wrote that story, I need to put it into God's hands.

After getting truly frustrated I sat down and began praying. I hadn't prayed in a few days. But this prayer was different. I ask for guidance and inspiration to write my story. But instead I got the answer, but not to my story. Another story. This time the story is about a young boy, who is struggling with the death of his mother, his dad starting dating after just a few months. Then to anger his father the boy starts hanging around with the gay kid at school. Deciding to come out to his father as gay. This had the opposite effect he desired. Then The boy got into a gang, to anger his father once more, but things changed this time. The boy stole once, and his catholic conscience got the better of him. He decided on bringing the gang back to God. He started to teach them to read, and study the bible. By the end of the story the whole gang was gone. They were now born again christians and get involved into the youth at church.

This is the frist excerpt from my story... still trying to get a title...

The early morning sun was bursting through the blinds, shining right onto Peter’s pillow. He grabbed his blanket, tugging it up and over his head. He wanted more sleep. He wasn’t ready for the day to start yet. Then hearing his alarm clock going off, he knew he had to get up as it was a school day. But he knew if he wasn’t out of bed in like five seconds his brother would be his usual annoyance and pull his blankets off him. Plus tell on him not being out of bed and ready for school. The only thing was Peter was an honor student, editor of the school newspaper and president of the student union. This didn’t help when it came to his father and mealtimes.

He climbed out of bed, walking over to Stephen’s bed and yanking his blankets of him before rushing out the room and into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Once inside, Peter started the water running in the shower. Tossing his dirty pajamas into the hamper and stepping into the shower. While letting the water from the shower trickle down his torso, as it awakened him. The water was warm enough to refresh and awaken his juices from a night of sleep.