Friday, February 25, 2011

Hitting 5,000 words

I have been getting the inspiration on writing o my current story. A Gift you Don't Have to Earn. I'm hitting the five thousand mark tonight. I am finding this story is flowing like water right now. I haven't written much today, but the last thirty minutes I've hit the five thousand mark, which I think is cool and great milestone. I guess I finally got inspired to get some words down. Even if I have only written about three hundred words, it something which is good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update - A Gift You Don't Have to Earn

I have tried three time to rewrite this story. I have found that I have been forgetting to do two major things when I write. I should first read a scripture and pray about the scripture and my writing. I found 3rd time around is working well. I have done my prologue and now onto Chapter One. I knew this story is going to be hard to write, but it going to be a wonderful story to write. I love writing, and when I can't write I am depressed and at rock bottom for some unknown reason.

I wrote 1500 words yesterday, today I hoping on writing that same amount or close to it. I feel so alive and free from any worries when I write. I let my mind do the writing, but my hands do the typing. My partner is my muse. When they are working we email each other on their breaks at work. When they're home they inspire me to write at my best. Plus on Thursday our friend visits, which is awesome. I love J.K. and they are very insightful and good to run off things I'm thinking about writing about and I get some good vibes from him.