Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Realistic Fiction

This morning and the past few days I've been thinking about using my childhood memories of Mole, my biological mother and family to use in fictional stories. I still can remember the times Mole would get drunk. Either me or my brother Ian would get his vicious tongue and physical outbursts. He'd beat and tell us horrible things he'd do to our mother if we didn't do certain things for him. Life was hell.

Now he is dead, long since gone. Plus I have endured being raped, stabbed and sexually abused by friends, family and even stabbed by someone who I thought loved me. Now I live in the US. I still miss England, but I do still have the memories of my childhood and I use those memories in my stories I write. I might not be a good writer, but I love writing.

Just want the youth of today that they aren't alone. I'm in several Yahoo Groups on the subject of writing fiction. I get advice when I can. I take in the advice from professional writers. whether they are published or not. Right now i know I'm not a good writer. I have good ideas, I plot my stories and come up with names that fit the characters for my stories. I believe one day I'll have my books published. I'm not writing for riches. Just to show the youth that they aren't alone in the world of dysfunctional families. Either they'd be like mine, or maybe totally different.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Show not Tell

Telling: Bob storms out of the room in anger.
Showing: Bob storms out of the room with his clenched, red creeping up his neck all the way to his cheeks, and his eyes narrowed.

There is no denying, in either sentence, how Bob is feeling. The second sentence, however, shows the reactions to the emotion, rather than stating the emotion itself.

Telling: Sally skipped down the street happily.
Showing: Sally skipped down the street with her arms waving easily at her sides, a brightness in her features, and a lighthearted whistle on her lips.

In this one, I exaggerated a little, perhaps showing a little too much description, but I did want another example. I will only torture you with one more. Smile

Telling: Sandra shook her head sadly as she looked at the ruined present.
Showing: Sandra shook her head, a small pout touching her lips and moisture rising into her eyes as she looked at the ruined present.

These are just a few guides to show you that showing is better than telling. It gives the reader a chance to to imagine how the emotions and feelings of the characters. I believe this is helpful tip...