Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poem - If Heaven...

If heaven had a postal service,
From earth to up above,
That is a job I’d definitely take,
To see the ones I love,
Id personally write a letter,
No matter how long or short,
Just to hand deliver,
And see them every morn.
Like “dear dad I’ve been missing you,
I know it’s been a while,
And though thoughts of you,
Make me want to cry,
The memories make me smile”
Id pack it in my postbag,
And take it straight up high,
Shake his hand and hug him,
And chat the whole day by.
There’d also be “dear Bailee,
I know you cannot read,
But I’m writing you this anyway,
Just so we can meet,
Your Mom and I we miss you,
Oh so very much,
And every word of you that’s said or thought,
Is always filled with love,
We have so much to show you,
For you to shine down on,
Your mother gets more beautiful,
The more that time goes on,
Though heaven forbid you tell her that,
She'll only say you’re wrong,
It doesn’t make her right though,
She just struggled from the start,
To see just what she means to me,
And that she owns my heart,
And did you know that Mia-leigh is working very hard,
Ready for SATs to come?
She likes to draw nice pictures,
That your other sisters love,
Loves dancing, clothes and make-up,
And her bike don’t get me started,
If she could she’d ride from sunrise,
Until the moon comes up.
And Zarah-j she loves to sing,
Big girl songs,
Not nursery rhymes,
And TV and playing,
And not forgetting Kyrah-mae,
She really loves to dance,
She takes care of her dollies,
And loves cuddles at every chance,
Then your brother Stefan,
The little know it all,
Loves space and playing video games,
And mostly dinosaurs,
All of them they love you,
They keep you in their hearts,
And often try to find you,
The brightest of the stars”
Id sign it and I’d seal it,
As soon as it was done,
Id run it straight to heaven,
And read it to my son.
If heaven had a postal service,
As tiring as it’d be,
Id take the job so everyday,
My loved ones I could see.

Poem - I Miss You

For every tiny footstep,
That you never got to take,
For all the tiny noises,
You never got to make,
For every second passed,
You couldn’t Keep me awake,
I love you
For every single time,
You won’t sit on my knee,
For every drawing done at school,
That I will never see,
For every loving cuddle,
That you won’t Have with me,
I love you
For every detailed question,
I will never hear you ask,
For never getting old enough,
To create your own past,
For all the times that I can never,
Hold you in my arms,
I love you
For every thought of sadness,
That led to every tear,
For every waking moment,
Of wishing you were here,
For every second, every day,
Of every coming year,
I miss you

Poem - Raven

A raven visits me today
as bright as a sun ray
as dark as night in day
ripped clothing and cord torn away
O raven why do you stay?
would if I could shoo you away
but messages come
and messages may
be the thing that makes me stay
my motivation was once to weigh
the love you have for play
but now it is to slay
loveless ones like you my stray
and raven beckons songs of nay
you will not love a broken one
does this make you the loveless one?
dose love truly exist or do we shun?
do we love our enemy that we shun?
caw caw caw the ravens said to none
there is no one to talk to now, no none
the air is thick it is a trick a spell spun
and spinning spun
the pun is no fun
no place to run
the start of a gun
you missed the risk of staying with me
you missed the clam after the storm
the bright rainbow and it's light warm
messages that you'll be back are lies
shut the sound of the raven out
would if I could shout
the end is near
repent my dear
love does persist to exist
chosen to be missed
holes in my wrist
suffering and pissed
anger melts away but the raven does stay
as my fear anger and pain is ripped away
caw caw caw the black bird bids
as I miss my kids
my wife and my life
pulled away but I do stay
as a raven leaving messages
to the ones who care to listen
And increases the wisdom
To the temples that we live in.
To those that are greatful
to the stone of the foundation
That holds together our nation
As the Eagle flys agian.

Poem - Sorrowful Winds

Silver shadows walking beside me
Ghostly whispers in the air
Parts of me aching
Because you're no longer there

Tears cascade silently
Trickling of the face
As the emptiness grows louder
Nothing can fill that space

Winds of sorrow surround me
Whistling out your name
Cold gusts blow right through me
As I silently scream in pain

No end or beginning
Because now nothing seems clear
As the winds take my sorrow
But leave me with my fear

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Story Update - Forgotten

I have started a new story. Forgotten is a good and edgy story. I feeling this is a story that will help the young who are going through the same problems as I did as a child and teenager. I believe that my main character in this story will help others who have felt forgotten in their own families. This is what I'm all about in this story. letting people know they're not alone in this corrupt life we all live. Just hoping this story speaks to others once it's finished. I have gotten 2000+ today. I believe this story will be the best I've done so far.

Writing this story told me I was helping myself as well as helping others who are going through difficult times in their own families. The thought of being alone and forgotten is what this story is all about. I hope it engages reader around the globe.

Elton is a boy who is abandoned by his mother into the care of his father and girlfriend. They abuse him from the young age of 5 till he is abandoned at the young age of 13yrs. He tries to know he will never be loved.

He is assigned a social worker and helps Elton find a foster family that will shower him with love, friendship. He learns slowly that there are people who will not hurt him, but help him cope with the abuse and heal his invisible wounds.

He goes through 2 foster homes till he gets a family that will show him the Bible secrets. They are Christians and take him to church. He becomes a believer and they get him counseling and they end up adopting him. They have several foster children they've adopted. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Poem - Who Am I?

Who am l
I'm lost within the darkness...
Aimlessly wondering alone
I see a candle burning into the distant
But direction is non-existence

Where is the path to walk on?
I cannot see...
The world is so blinding
Can someone turn on the light for me?

Hold my hand please
Don't let go!
I can't make it on my own

My heart is broken
My mind is a mess
I bleed to feel
How else will I heal?
Scars surround me
Is this even real?

Who am I you decide...

Poem - Lost

Who am I?
Just a feather in the wind,
Floating within a breeze?
Or a rock in a raging stream,
Weathered by the current?

Where am I?
I’m lost within dark woods,
Aimlessly wandering alone.
With no sense of direction,
Of which path to choose.

Please find me…
I’m lost within myself….

Poem - No More Hiding

She's trying hard to understand, just what's going on,
She doesn't know why, but everything is going wrong.
She's turning away, from the people that care,
She can not explain it, she just doesn't want to be here.

She finds it hard to trust, she can't seem to forget the past,
Maybe those scars, will be the ones that always last.
She doesn't want to talk, she doesn't want to explain,
She doesn't understand, why she's causing so much pain.

Thoughts go through her mind, she doesn't want to exist,
She leaves her sleeves down, to hide what's on her wrist.
She wears her fake smile, but sometimes it falls,
When people start to realise, she hides behind her wall.

She doesn't want people to care, she just wants to hide,
She wants to be happy, and forget that she lied.
But nothing seems to happen, to make her want to be alive,
And there's nobody out there, to help her survive.

She feels isolated, even in a crowded room,
She can not explain it, but she feels all this gloom.
Depression is a question, she's too afriad to admit,
Maybe if she got help, there could be a way out of it.

But, she has a barrier, she doesn't seem to know,
She tries to hide her pain, but some how it seems to show.
She wants things to end, but time is going so slow.
She still doesn't know why, she's feeling so low.

She has so many insecurities, but never does she confide,
Nobody knows how she really feels, she always seems to hide.
She doesn't know why, but she doesn't think people should care,
But how can she tell them, she doesn't want to be here.

She has a way, of erasing her pain,
Each night she cuts, again and again.
People try to stop her but it's taking control,
She can't seem to stop, and some friends don't want to know.

The girl, she tried, her very best,
And finally it seems she was put to rest,
Now at least, she won't have to hide,
Because of the night, she committed suicide.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Year, New Month

It's now 2017, and It's March. It a fresh new year and I'm planning to write this year all year long. I want to write right now. Just got no inspiration right now. I want to figure out why I can't get these ideas out my head. I know my partner is my inspiration. They give me the kick in the butt to write at times. Right now being home alone isn't helping me much. The ideas inside my head are very overwhelming. I know they will all get onto paper one day.

I have like four to six ideas inside my head right now. The thought of writing one of them and finishing the stories will be a great experience to write. I know if I write a story now, I will be a great writer one day. I dream of writing for a living. The thought of getting something published is my dream. I have wrote four stories thus far. Will my friends support me with my writings like my partner does.