Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Poem - Childhood Demons

Not a cloud in the sky
And yet its pouring rain 
I've been struck by lightning 
But I am numb to its pain

There's too much scar tissue
Been burned too many times
Twenty-seven years of hell
Inspiring these rhymes

Scar on my left brow
"Children should be seen, and not heard
I will hit you again
If you say another word"

Children should never know 
The pain of cigarette burns
Or press a blade to their wrist
Bleeding as the bayonet turns

I remember when I was five
I just wanted to die
I was beaten everyday
While my "mother" was getting high

Hadn't even started school,
I was touched and groped by fiends
Whispers I hear to this day
When my demons convene

Now I am older, chip on shoulder
Dysfunctional veteran, disturbed
No fuse to speak of, its so short
And I'm dangerously perturbed 

No one hurts me anymore for
Dangerous thoughts plague my mind
They know if they hurt me now
I will respond in kind

Its not eye for an eye
I go for the throat
I only swing to put down
Like a vet with a garrote

One man army life created
Towards me- the wrong direction 
Wake up strapped down and sedated
Witnessing your own vivisection 

That's a live dissection for
Those of you who don't know
The darkness where I grew 
My daughters will never know

How did I learn to parent?
My baby sister and brother...
Someone had to take the hits
From a cocaine infused mother

Permanent clouds loom
Everywhere that I walk
And in my shadow I hear talking
As my deadly demons stalk

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