Story - Time to Forgive


Dante had been bullied since he began his freshman year at high school. He couldn't take it much longer. He had to escape from the kids who taunted, bullied and were verbally abusive towards him. He had to find a way to deal with them. Suicide was the only way he knew how to deal. He first would skip school on certain days to avoid the kids who were verbally abusive to him. Taunting him each second they got. He wanted a way out.

Dante's only option according to him was to end his life completely. He'd tried a lot of times to get help from his dad. Just his dad told Dante that he should skick up for himself, just o fighting. He tried hard to be a model student, but the bullies hated he got wonderful grades each time he had an assignment. They went too far when they told Dante to jump of a cliff and die. He told his dad, but all Richard told his son, but to toughen up and deal with it. He found this was a sign his dad didn't care for him in the least.

He tried talking about the bullies to his mother Pauline, but she was too involved wth her work. She had no time for Dante. He was out on a limb. All alone and with nhis thoughts. Finally he decided to take things into his own hands. He was contemplating suicide for weeks. He decided to do what the bullies wanted and get back at his dad for not helping him in any form. He took the precious car his dad had rebuilt over the last five years. This was sweet revenge. To wreck his dad's pride and joy, and get out of the life he had. He just never expected to survive the car crash.

Dante's mother and father had decided to disown him for wrecking the car. They sign papers for their son to never be with the family. He is slowly recovering in hospital. He realizes what had happen and is told by a social worker assigned to him while he recovers in hospital. He is told by specialists that he will never walk again. The reason he took the car in the first place is the bullying he suffered on his firs three months as a freshman in high school. He tried talking to his father, but he just told to grow up and deal with it.

Dante is assigned a social worker. They get Dante into a foster family and hope for the best. They also get him a couselor to talk over his problems with his family and the resentment he has for his parents. How he copes with being in a wheelchair, also how he deals with not being able to see his sister. The foster family find he has a lot of issues to deal with. They are very patient with Dante and help him through his many issues and struggles he has. They get him into a Catholic high school and take him to church with them. Soon Dante is looking forward to his bright future his foster family have shown him. They end up filing to adopt him. This gives Dante a reason to live.

The bullies from his old school also find it hard to deal with what they caused Dante to do due to there taunts and physical bullying of him. They write letters to Dante to show how sad, how they regret driving him to crash and try killing himself. They also learn the hardships of being bullies. The five bullies soon become Catholics and are looking to change the way bullies are in mainstream schools and catholic schools. They want to stop kids bullying others like they used to.


Ruby walked Dante back into the building. She remained quiet as she wheeled Dante back to his room. He would be eating with other children in the family room. The family room had tables a couple of filled bookshelves, and a TV, two couches and two arm chairs. Ruby showed Dante the family room. She thought he might want to be around children like himself. She shows him some other children who also are in wheelchairs. 
Ruby placed Dante in his chair at one of the tables in the family room. She sat next to him for a minute or two. She took out her business card and handing it to him. He took it. Dante put the card into his jeans pocket. He knew if he wanted to talk with someone maybe this was it. It was his only choice right now. He wasn’t going to be talking to anyone who worked at the centre. The centre was for those who were getting therapy, especially physiotherapy. He was going to learn how to deal with being in a dumb wheelchair.
“You’re going to be alright. You call if you nee to. You’ll begin therapy in morning. Good luck Dante.” Ruby said as she stood and walked out to the elevator.
Dante watched as Ruby left him in the family room. He watched as she got into the elevator, and how the food cart came out. It was like kismet. The food cart was wheeled into the room. Soon they were calling out names. Everyone got their tray of food. He hoped the food wasn’t too bad. It was awful at the hospital. He hated hospital food. Dante knew this place might be different.
Once he got his tray of food. He took the lid of his dinner plate. It was grilled chicken and rice. He hated rice. He preferred fries or mash that rice. He ate a little of the chicken and rice. He didn’t touch the orange Jell-O or chocolate milk. He drank water with his meal. He then wheeled himself back to his room and buzzed to get help getting into his bed. He had to get help getting into his pajamas.
Soon a nurse walked into the room. “Hello I’m Leanne Harley. How can I help?” She asked Dante.
Dante looked at the tall well built woman. He shrugged his shoulders at her. “I was hoping for a dude to help me. I need to get into my pajamas and into bed. Can I have a dude help me?” He told the woman. He didn’t want to offend the woman.
“No worries. I’ll send Jesse in to help you.” Leanne said as she left his room. Dante sighed in relief.
Within a minute or two a guy walked into the room. He was tall with short, spiky blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes. The way he walked told you he was gay. Dante knew that feeling. He was a closet gay. I just wasn’t out. “Hello lad. I’m here to help you.” He said like he was looking forward to helping Dante.
“I want to get into my pajamas and into my bed. Please can you help me?” Dante asked like he wanted to spend a lot of time with this nurse.
“Sure I can help you with that. Let’s get you into your pajamas and into your bed.” Jesse helped Dante into his pajamas pretty quickly. Soon he was lifting Dante onto the bed and helping him under the blankets.
“Thank you for the help. I will try getting some sleep.” Dante told Jesse. He was glad to get the help. He even liked Jesse in his own way.
“No problem. It’s what I’m here for. Do you want anything else? Maybe we can get you something to help you sleep?” Jesse said as he was about to leave.
“No I’ll try sleeping first.” Dante told him as he lay down and closed his eyes. He hoped to sleep till morning.

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