Story - Chronicles of Jade Foxx: (Book One - Meeting the Wright's)

Jade mother recently died of breast cancer. She watched at her mother's bedside as she died. Jade just a mere eleven years of age. She is alone for the first time in her life. Jade is at the reading of her late mother's will. It says Juliette, Jade's mother leaves custody of her to Juliette's best friend from their college years. Beverly is also Jade's Godmother.

Now Jade has to leave the only place she's called home to move across the ocean to live in a foreign country with a slightly different language. She learns she gets to be the only girl in a family filled with four boys, both older and younger than her. She tries to fit in, but her language becomes a barrier at times. She feels left out and alone. She thinks her grandmother is just getting rid of her. Jade just doesn't understand why things are happening. All Jade knows is she is leaving her home, her friends for a foreign country to live with a family she has never met, not spoke to or heard about till the will reading.

The flight is a long one. Jade spends time reading on her kindle, sleeping mostly. She just thinks she is being gotten rid of. Arriving in Indiana where she is met by a social worker. She is take to to be with her Godmother, her husband and their four boys. She's never had siblings before, or even a father. This is all knew to her. Also This family are devote Catholics. Jade has never read a bible or stepped inside a church in her young life. This is all new to her. She has  to learn a fairly new language. Even though they speak English, she still finds they use different words, or spelling words totally different to that which she learned in England. Now she is learning new words for everything. 

Jade makes friends slowly with a group at school. She also starts to go to church. Her mother wasn't a church goer. Her new home they are catholic and she becomes one. She begins to believe in  God and Jesus. She goes to classes and has her first communion. She studies the bible and learns that God is there for her. She accepts and goes through the grieving process as she begins to want to call her new family and call them mom and dad along with the four brothers she gains.

“Why did you let her die? Grandma, did she have to die?” Jade asked as she watched as they lowered the dark rose wooden coffin into the hole. Jade couldn't believe her mother was now gone, gone for good.

Jade just couldn’t understand why her mother had to die. She was still learning about her father when her mother died a tragic death. It was not something a young girl should endure. The lost of a parent was hard enough. When that parent dies of a horrific disease was even worse. Now Jade only had her grandparents to rely on. Till she found out they didn’t want her around.

Jade watched them lower the coffin into the ground as she turned to her grandmother for comfort. She got nothing. Her Grandma Dorothy did nothing to comfort Jade at all by the graveside. All she did was stand there, just watching everyone. Just looking on as everyone looked motionless at the coffin. What was Jade going to do now? She wanted to know why, why now, why her mother? These were questions her grandmother wouldn’t answer.

 “Grandma, why did she have to die? I want my mum back.” Jade told her Grandma Dorothy. All Jade’s grandma did was put her hand on the girls head to turn it to the priest who was doing the reading. No motion from her at all. This was something Jade wasn’t used to.

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