Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspiration - Aspiring Writer

Today is the start of a new life. I have been stressed majorly. Now I feeling a little better, more calmer and relaxed. Now I thought of what I wanna do with this blog. Right now I know i want this blog to be the start for my writing career. I feel God is working wonders in me. He is touching me and guiding my hands for his work.

If you wanna know more about my christian enlightenment on my Spiritual Journey blog; link on sidebar. Spiritual Journey is a blog for me and my partner and how God is working in our lives. Yeah if my so-called friends from England, Ireland and Holland saw me now, they think I'd gone mad and totally wacko. Yeah I am British, but I live in America with my partner and best friends. Yeah in our home is my partner, whom I love dearly. We also have Emily and Pacer, our cats. I will post pics of our cats sometime on this blog or my other one.

I wanna be a writer for middle graders to young adults worldwide. What genre well I'm not sure right now. I love reading gay, transgendered and christian fiction. Yeah being a christian means you should lead your life as though you had Jesus as your best friend. But I believe that if God made you a gay, trans or whatever and a christian too then you should be who you are and never let anyone tell you different.

Remember: God made you in his image. This means if you're gay, lesbian or transgendered. Then God made you that way. He loves you as you are, so don't change. He made you that way. You are who your are and God loves you no matter what.