Tuesday, February 7, 2012

W.W.T.D: What Would Teens Do?

Writing Authentic/Edgy Teen Literature

Writing something a pre-teen or teenager would call Edgy and based on real life. THe main stories I love to write about is kids aged 10-13years old. The thing is nothing I've written lately has been classed as edgy. The things I write, I use my childhood experiences and I believe they are good stories. This time I want to get deep under the skin of the main character of my new story idea. This time it will be realistic, authentic and very edgy. Not sure if I should write this story at all.

Using my childhood memories is where I would class as EDGY writing. Even though many things went on in my childhood. I'v never used the abuse I suffered at the hands of the adults who should have protected me. They did the complete opposite. They abused me and got my brothers to do the same. I want to show the kids and teens of this age that they aren't alone. That is why i'm going to try write my new story. I hope in time it will be published and show that even though our parents and adults in our lives don't protect or care about us. God and Jesus do.

I write so that the youth of today can know how much God is there for us. I believe he is one loving and caring Father would will always be there for us. Never stop believing in Him. He is OUR SAVIOR. He gives us unconditional love, never stopping to be there for us...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eternal Silence

"Don't that make you suspicious, that the dead are keeping something back..." from the Witch of Coos.

Just think about it. what would you do if you could talk with a dead person, maybe a ghost of a dead friend or relative...  I know if I could talk to a ghost or someone that's died and gone to heaven. Just thinking about it is cool. I'd talk with my grandma Lillian and my MIL (Barbie) or my brother Ian. I'd also love to see them, hold them close and know they are doing alright and having a good time up there. 

I bet it would be cool to even talk to Jesus if that was possible. Talking to him face to face. It would be awesome. Know the right way to change my life around and learn things that nobody else can know. He is all powerful and stuff. He'd know where my life was going to end up when I do die. Maybe he'd tell me stuff I didn't know about myself. Tell me something that I had to overcome to be a better writer. 

Dreams and Goals

This morning after my partner left for work, I got onto his computer.  His computer works better than mine right now. My laptop is almost four years old and doesn't work well. I have been thinking about this subject for some time. I wanted to think about what my Goals and Dreams are for the year 2012. Right now I'm working on editing my first novel. I want to gt it published, but I lack confidence.

1: I want to get a novel published
2: Want to be more confident in my abilities
3: Want to work on my current projects
4: Get my current projects finished
5: To be more focused on my work


1: To get something published
2: To have a book signing

Sometimes having goals and dreams you'll make sure you can focus on these and work hard at getting the fulfilled. Sometimes I procrastinate on Facebook. I love to chat to the authors on there and get any advice or talk to some friends as well as playing some Facebook games.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Reviews and My Thoughts

abused teenager girl

I have read this book several times. I found that Cheryl Rainfield is a wonderful writer of how to cope with being in a home with abusive parents or family members. I found this book very helpful in my recovery from the same sort of abusive family like the main character in this book. I believe you should read this if you have been emotionally, physically, verbally, and sexually abused. The main character went through verbal abusive. I can't remember if she was subject to any other conditions in her family home or at school.

abused young and man
Adam Rapp wrote this good book. I am currently still reading it. The story in this book is about a young eleven year old who was abused by someone he knew. Someone here might have trusted. Plus his family life isn't perfect. Plus they live in a small home and with little care and food. His mother works as a nurse. He has a big sister and a younger brother. I think there should be more stories about boys(young and teens) who've been subject to any form of abuse. I haven't found many, but I'm still looking.

Read this as it's a good book. I plan to try and write a similar stpory. I'm a young man. I was abused and nothing like this book was around when I was living in England and subject to my mother, father and older brothers... I want to find more books like this one for research and help in writing my own stories about my abusive family and some friends.