Monday, April 9, 2012

New Project - Novel Two

Courage to Weather the Storm


Alex is an 8th grader at St. Clare Grade School. His life is turned upside down when after a massive fight, his father leaves the family, leaving mom to struggle to keep everything together. Alex is crushed at first about his father leaving, until his father's secret past is discovered. With his best friends help, Alex aids his family into dealing with the loss of the father along with an increase in their faith.

He had never sounded so cold before. This wasn’t like him at all. What had made my dad change so much. Maybe I caused this change in him. Just watching him put the suitcases into the trunk, he then climbed into the driving seat of the dark red dodge neon and drive away. The thoughts in my head were racing like it was in the Indy 500. Just watching till the car disappeared. Somehow I knew this was a bad thing.
Taking a big deep breath, I turned and looked at my younger brother and sister. Roxanne looked like she was about to burst into floods of tears. Anton ran over to me and hugged me around my waist. He was never this clingy before.  It occurred to me that maybe he was unsure like I was why dad had just up and left.
“Alex, why did daddy go?” I hadn’t the heart to tell him dad wouldn’t be coming back. I knew I had to let mom explain things to him. The thing was where was she?
“Daddy, well, umm, he had to go. Mom will explain it better.” I told him as I walked them both into the house. I turned and hoped mom would be somewhere.
The thing that had baffled me was how dad didn’t even say goodbye to any of us. Then there was mom’s absence. Where was she? She was usually home when we got home from school.  This was completely odd.
I turned and closed the front door and walked along the hallway. I heard Roxy in the kitchen. I guessed she wanted a snack. Mom always had snacks waiting for us. I walked into the kitchen and she was opening a BIG bag of potato chips. “Roxy, I’ll make us all a sandwich.” I announced as I took the bag from her.
Quickly I put a clip on the bag of chips to seal the freshness in. Putting the bag back into the cupboard so I could make sure we had a healthy snack. I didn’t want mom complaining when she got home. I grabbed the wheat bread and cheese out the fridge. I began making myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Slowly I began buttering the side of the bread that hit the pan. It was something I was good at cooking.
“Do you two want grilled cheese? Or do you want something else to eat?” I asked as I started to put the pan on the stove to warm up. It was best when the pan was hot according to what Nana had taught me. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem - Roses are Red

Roses Are Red
Roses are red violates are blue nothing
is more beatiful then you
I close my eyes dreaming about you
there is nothing eles in this world
that has more meaning to me then the one
which is you as I count to two your eyes
begin to have tears as I hold you in to my
arms you lose all your worries and fears
I will always be here to protect and
respect you your smile and laughter warms
my hart as the love I have for you
nothing will tare us apart we walk
side by side for the whole world to see us
and for nothing to hide you shine like
a magnifasent angle that is so beautiful
and very special to me there is no one
eles who I rather be with then you
Roses are red violates are blue there is
no one I love more then you!

Poem - Six

Six is the number of years you were min.

Wonderful is what every moment with you was.

Enlighted is what I became because of you.

Love is what I felt every single day.

Very blessed is how each minute was.

Empty is how all my days are without you...