Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update - Life

There has been a lot going on during the last month or so. My brother died of cancer. I haven't been writing,  other than poetry. Sort of lost the nerve and feeling to write. Right this minute I'm at my friend's house Johnna. I love coming over here. Johnna is a writer too, and she gives me confidence in my own talents and skills. She is alike my partner.

I haven't really written since last September (2011). This was Wednesday 1:35pm. I have/am plotting and building a story template for the story I want to begin writing again. I have decided to write my first edgy/ emotional story. I plan on writing on it daily. I want to make it my number one project.


  • Start and work on my current story (Valley of Echoes)
  • Keep to my diet
  • Work on plotting my Nano Novel
  • Write 750 words on my current project a day
I found keeping goals and working on them is good. I will still spend time with my partner and friends. I will still go to church on Sunday's. I missed last week. I like going to church, having communion. Having communion and praying, seeing my friends I only see at church.

My faith is my main thing that keeps me alive along with the support of friends and my family here in America. This day is a start of a new day. I will write daily. I will try write 750 minimum a day, word count.