Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Project - Prodigal Mother

Right now I'm at Panera Bread for a meal and typing on our computers. I'm thinking about my new project I'm working on. It's based on some things that happened during my childhood with my own mother. She was never loving, caring and didn't want me to be happy at all. I think I need to get my butt into gear and write, writer and write some more. I hate not being able to write. I plan on going over to Johnna's tomorrow with my partner. It's there birthday. They will be 38 yrs old. They got half their gift from us. The rest of their gift is in my closet. Plus Angel had gotten my partner a book for them.

Now I want to set myself some Goals about getting this project finished and done by November 30th. I'm helping Theresa set up an account on NaNo Write Month. I believe she'll be a good writer. She full of vip and vinegar in my book. He story is going to be about someone writing a journal in a freshman year in high school.

My project is about a boy whose mother left him and his little sister when she was just born. Now the mother is back and with another young child in hand. The main character wants to know if he should trust his mother or not. He doesn't want to trust her one bit. He recons she is going to dump her daughter, his half sister on his grandmother along with him and Kendall.