Saturday, January 26, 2013

Me, Myself and I

After reading a blog I follow recently I found out I have some things I'd like to share. I know talking about oneself can be classed as being self-centered. I'm not usually self-centered or selfish. I just think talking about one thing I just adore doing and telling the world about my incredible gifts. God gave me the gift with words. I just love to write and I write as best as I can.

Writing is what I've come to love to do since I was in my early teen years. My abusive family never knew how I believed in God or how good my writing could be. I thank them for some things. Maybe I got my gift from one my siblings or even my parents. I do know I love writing my own stories and poems... Writing is what I do best. My partner will tell you I'm a great writer of Christian Young Adult fiction.

Over the past three to four months I've been working on two stories. I finished my NaNo novel and I started my third story/novel. I';m on chapter 4 on my 3rd novel. I'm hoping to finish it and maybe I should edit my second or first novel so I can get one of them published. I do need the money, but I want to put my work out there and for the youth of today to know about God and Jesus. How they are there for us all. Plus, that God the Trinity shouldn't have to be known, just having faith and believing in the Trinity should be enough.

The Trinity

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update: Valley of Echoes

The day is Thursday 10th January. I have been writing on my story for almost three months now. I started it during NaNoWriMo. Now it is almost done. I have learned a lot from writing this story. It started out as a easy project. It ended up being really hard to get down onto paper. It taught me that I am stronger for writing it. I suffered a hell of a lot of abuse under the watchful hands of many of my biological family members. I now know that I'm in a better place for writing this story. One day I'll get it out there to the youth of today.

I want to let the youth that God is there for them. They didn't, aren't and will not suffer in vain. He is there watching over them and guiding his angels to be by your sides. Just allow him to help and guide you. I found God late in life, but knew he was always there for me. Plus, you can contact the social services and know that they are there to listen, and help you get away from your abusers. I know this now. I never when I was undergoing the abuse.

Don't go through it alone. You have resources out there for you to contact and get help from. I know they are there. I talked with some social workers, therapists and counselors too. You need them to help you get away from those who hurt and neglect you. Get and seek the right help.