Thursday, August 29, 2013

Workshop Experience

First Workshop 

The first workshop I'd been to was an experience i savored and it was good. I found talking about what I liked about someone's story and what could be improved was a learning experience. I got feedback on my first lesbian short story. It was good to know what I could improve on and what was good. I always like to know what I could improve on my writing. I just find as I'm still writing, I will still keep writing. 

  • Learned to take critiques and not just them hating my work
  • Write to improve my work 
  • Plan out a story with my story template
I think writing is my thing. Just have to learn to improve and take people critiques of my work with a grain of salt. Not to take it as a bad thing. To take it as a way of learning to improve my work and hopefully get something published. I love writing and will continue to write no matter what. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Goals for September

  • Finish plotting out my 5th novel
  • Begin writing 5th novel
  • Post Regular on blogs
  • No Procrastinating when I should be writing
  • No Facebook when I should be writing
  • Listing to Music when writing
I have been having trouble posting here. I have let things lapse when I should be keeping my readers up to date with my work. I will try be better at posting about my stories, my poems and anything else I want to share here. I know I'm on my 5th novel. It's called - Change of Heart (Chronicles of Natasha Fortenberry). 

It's basically about a girl who is in a car accident and is rushed to hospital. She remembers nothing about the accident till she is diagnosed with MS. She thinks God had abandoned her as she is told she will have t use crutches or a wheelchair to get around. Plus she is put on very strong pain medication along with her other medications. She is diabetic, asthmatic and now MS. She starts to believe God has abandoned her until she starts seeing angels and having visions. She then finds God and understands why she has what she has. She begins to witness to other teens and children in hospital and in schools that God is there for them. Also that God is where he is meant to be. All they have to do is ask Him to enter their hearts and the Holy Spirit will guide them. 

I think this story is going to be number one in a series of book about Natasha Fortenberry. I hope it works out. I just love using my r/l into my stories. Yes I do see angels and have visions. That is why I'm writing this story, plus I have been diagnosed with MS recently.