Thursday, January 16, 2014

Story five - Broken

This is my fifth novel. I think writing this novel is going to be tough and hard for me. Writing my stories are based on my childhood and the things I went through as a child. I find that writing these stories are helping or will help those teenagers out there who are going through the same thing I went through as a child. I never had book s like I write when I was young and a teenager myself. I'm glad that in future there will be children and teenagers who will learn they aren't alone in this world of abusive families.

The Storyline of Broken:
Since his dad walked out on them. His mother has be a workaholic and not wanting to be home. Aiden finds he isn't wanted. When his mother is home she is spitful and hurtful with her words and actions against him. It's like without his dad around he is her target. At first the words are harmless. Then when she loses her job, she takes it out on him. He is her target for all her emotions. Refused food at meal times, locked outside at night when it storms. Beaten when the house isn't tidy. He is the one she targets and not his sisters. It's like he has to try and survive somehow.

He figures out to find his dad and why he left. His dad David left to be with his partner. He works and his partner is a friendly person. They too don't want him. They want to see his sisters, but his mother refuses it. He is under attack by everyone. Nobody seems to want him around. He decides to run away. His school friend finds out what life at home was like for Aiden. John Lester keeps his secrets until he finds Aiden had run off. He talks to the GC at school and they invovle the social services and they find Aiden and he gets put into the system. His sisters are also taken and put in the custody of their father.