Monday, February 24, 2014

Poem - As You Always Said

You think it's so easy for the impulse
to ignore you, for them to let you win,
to fight the feeling of being yellow
yet again. Only they tell you to let
them win this one so you can have
the next, they say you need to take it
easy and just imagine what it's like
to stop time, stand still and have
the world at your feet.

They test you at the hands of fate,
and make it sound so simple to give
your power away, but Baby, don't
give in to their tragic little lullaby,
you're so beautiful, our precious angel
from more than just the sky.

I try to write about you, but
it's so hard, when you toss
my words in the trash and
say that it's all a lie.

Somebody does care
about you, they want you
to have the very best.
There's at least one person
out there willing to give
you their all and someday
you'll see that, or I'll die
in vain. Because Sweetheart,

you deserve
so much better
than this.

Poem - Honesty

To be honest with you
I don't have the words
To make you feel better
But i do have the arms
to give you a hug
Ears to listen to whatever
you want to talk about
And i have a heart
A heart thats aching
To see you smile

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poem - Faking It

Crying in the rain
After living through pain
I scream for release
From all kept inside
Tears mix with raindrops
So no one knows
How I really feel

Fake smile plastered
And the fakest laugh I have ever heard
Seem to content the whole world
I say I'm ok but am I
Who am I and who is she
What in life is real

Watching the pain melt away
With one cut through the day
To keep me content
And store my tears for another day

Poem - Freeing Myself From Pain

Picking up the blade
To bring me back to life
Using this knife
Freedom is close
After this cutting dose
Watching blood slowly drip away
I need to feel someway
Before I give up to death
And never take a look back

Poem - My Darkest Day

It all started with a simple workout
then from there is was down hill
i started a fight
that just not right

drunk in my own sadness
i go to her for comfort
but all i find

them in my bed
now they are so dead

but sitting here with a bottle
and this sharp knife
i'm thinking what happen to my life
i wanted make it stop

now with this knife to my neck
i see i'm a wreck
these cuts & bruising remains
what do i have left to gain?

Poem - Broken


 Her eyes blurred gray like the sky just before it storms.
Her smile like a broken window in an old dusty bar.
Her heart like a stone in the ocean. With no where to go but down.