Monday, April 21, 2014

Poem - Forever

How do you love when you have been so hurt?
When your feelings are thrown out, into the dirt.

How do you regain the power to remain as you once did.
When you wish to erase the past, so you can seal the lid.

What makes a man go silent in the darkness of his mind.
Who can save that soul, no clues, lost, not easy to find.

Take that empty space that you created for yourself inside your soul.
Ask yourself a thousand questions always ending with,
"what will make me whole".

Is alcohol the answer to life when things start to go bad.
Do you take drugs to escape, reminiscing of things you had.

So there you were standing in front of a soul so lost.
You put your heart on the line, for love what a cost.

You sacrificed the things just to feel something for someone new.
But this bond between us so strong, it only grew.

I wrap my arms around the wound on your soulful skin.
You wrap me in, you can feel my emotions wearing thin.

My tears were waterfalls for a love I didn't want to lose.
We fought harsh, on opposing teams, creating a stem of blues.

Ah but these emotions, they fight for you until this day still.
The fight never stops, with my love it is you I want to fill.

My emotions are lost somewhere, out there in space.
With time they will come down, back into their place.

This part of me still caring, still wanting you more than ever.
Its killing me inside, because I want you for me, forever.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Poem - Lonely

Its 2 a.m in the morning.
I still awake remembering you and me.
Memories still flowing.
And I'm here still overthinking.

I am lonely without you here.
Its feel whole world is upside down.
I regret what i did before.
And now i just simply lonely.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Camp NaNo - Progress - Day 6

It's been six days since Camp-NaNo started. I got off track since I was terribly ill yesterday. I need to catch my word count up big time. I think the story I'm writing is going to be a big sell in the stores. I am working on editing my first story while I'm writing my fifth. I have been writing and researching this story for two years now. It's in memory of my deceased mother-in-law. She was more of a mother/mom to me than my own mother was.

I think she will be reading this story as I write it up in heaven. She told me like my father-in-law says I'm an excellent writer. It makes me proud to write this story in honor of her kindness and love for me and caring for what I loved to do. She is so special, even though she is up in heaven. I believe she is min my heart and up there cheering me on as I write my stories.

Megan Chronicles - One More River to Cross (book 1)

Megan mother died of cancer. She watched at her mother's bedside as she died. Megan just a mere eleven years of age. She is alone for the first time in her life. A couple from Indiana, America come to the reading of the will. It says Juliette, Megan's mother leaves custody of her daughter to her best friend from their college years.

Now Megan has to leave the only place she's called home to move across the ocean to live in a foreign country with a slightly different language. She learns she gets to be the only girl in a family filled with four boys, both older and younger than her. She tries to fit in, but her language becomes a barrier at times. She feels left out and alone. 

She makes friends slowly with a group at school. She also starts to go to church. Her mother wasn't a church goer. Her new home they are catholic and she becomes one. She begins to believe in  God and Jesus. She goes to classes and has her first communion. She studies the bible and learns that God is there for her. She accepts and goes through the grieving process as she begins to want to call her new family and call them mom and dad along with the four brothers she gains.