Thursday, June 25, 2015

Camp NaNo - July 2015

This morning I decided to get working on my new story idea I've been pondering for a while. It's a transgender story with sci-fi elements to it. This is the first sci-fi story I've ever attempted to write. I love Star Trek, Star Wars and a few other sci-fi books and movies. I also love Stargate, Babylon 5. to name just a few. I want to make this story a great one. I am going to attempt this story with an open mind. I'm transgender too. So this is going to be an eye opener.

The title so far is called Forgotten Rebels. It's theme is transgender, dysfuctional family fiction too.

Ambitious, sporty and butch. Danielle was known to her friends as the  butch lesbian. She knew this wasn't her true self. She was confused and felt so alone in her life. Every time she looked in the mirror she saw something that she couldn't understand. It wasn't her looking back it as a short, spiky haired boy looking at her. Not her at all. She knew she was different, but this was confusing her beyond belief.

Danni went to her parents to ask about taking her to a gender therapist. They refused and told  her she was a girl. Danni was fourteen and in high school. She knew who she was. She wasn't the girl she struggled to be, but a boy trapped inside her female body. She got her parents together and told them she was going to run away if they didn't listen to her. She knew she had to get away from them. She ran to the woods where she found a portal. It was glowing bright blue and green. the colors where twirling into each other. She put her hand into it and felt someone grab it. They tried to pull her into the portal. She pulled back as hard as she could. She was yanked through the portal.

Danni saw the three boys who had pulled her into the portal. She was now confused to where she was. nothing looked the same. The town was different somehow. it was like Hythe, not the Hythe she knew. She knew she was in a different world. This is her story from girl into boy in a matter of seconds.


It was a cold blustery night in December. The rain was coming down in bucket loads. It was like God’s bath was badly overflowing. With Danni researching names he wanted to be know as. He was going to come out to his parents once he picked the right time and with his younger sisters tucked up snug in their beds. This was the time to tell his parents who he truly was. No more hiding under a bushel.
Slowly Danni walked into the living room were his parents were cuddling on the couch watching Dirty Dancing. It was Mom’s favorite movie of all time. Just as Danni walked into the room, he could see it was his only chance to become the boy they should have been born as. The time was now. Whether it was the right time or not, Danni had to tell them his plans for the rest of their life.
Slowly he stood in front of the TV screen, blocking them from seeing the movie. It would make them pause it while he came out. Not sure of their reaction to his news. Also what he’d picked as his boy name. “Mom, Dad I got something important to discuss with you.” His Dad hit the pause button on the remote. Danni knew what he was about to say. “Yes this is the right time. It’s very important” Danni told them.
“Danielle what is it? Hurry as this is the best part.” Danni hated being called Danielle. It wasn’t their right name in their book.
“Mom, Dad, I’m a transgender person. It means I was born into the wrong body. Don’t worry, I printed out some things I found on the internet that best explains what I am and what I am going to do to right the birth defect.” Danni explained to them as he handed out what he’d printed off the internet. “No Mom it isn’t a phase at all. I want you to refer to me as Marquis, or Mark. I research and know my grandfather was also named Marquis. I’ll have a middle name of David. So I’ll be Marquis David Foxx.” Mark was finished talking. He waited on his parents to listen and help him change, or would they disown him for this?