Monday, November 28, 2016

Poem - Hold onto me

Hold onto me;
And don't ever let me go. 
For our love was the only real thing I've ever known. 
Like candy canes and Christmas;
Exciting and pure. 
Your beauty in and of itself surrounded me.
Filling me with a different kind of ecstasy,
The kind you could drown in and still be alive. 
I never stopped loving you. 
I never will. 
The leaves on the trees in autumn, 
Right when they change all kinds of beautiful colors. 
The precious, little things in life 
Turned out to be the biggest,
Most cherished things for us. 
So hold onto me. 
For I never completely let you go,
Holding you in a necklace I wear around my neck,
Right next my heart,
Where you truly belong. 
The brush of your lips, 
I can still feel it. 
Your hand in mine, 
It's still there;
Though nobody can physically see it. 
My heart beats slowly,
But every beat only counts for you. 
So hold onto me,
For I've never let you go.