Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top Ten Not Exactly - Guaranteed Methods of Combating Writers Block

1) Write every day
As long as grocery lists, notes to teachers, doodling done in meetings at work to keep you looking alert, checkbook notations, e-mail, IMs, and text messaging are included, we can all manage this one.

2) Schedule your writing
For full time writers, this is called "being awake." For most people "setting aside time each day when you can "sit quietly and write without distraction" is called "fantasy" or "over-medication."

3) Work on several writing projects simultaneously. If you get stuck on one, switch to another.
For those who work on deadlines this can be referred to as "unemployment" and for freelancers, the synonym might be "starvation." Just call up your editors and let them know you'll be working on a libretto for an operetta for a few days and that you will get right back their project as soon as you feel refreshed.

4) Keep a journal.
If you have a particularly interesting private life, make sure you include names, dates, evidence, and other pertinent entries. Eventually your journal can be used for extremely lucrative writing projects.

5) Read.
This way lies madness -- or at least distraction. I read much better than I write. Given the chance I would probably do only the former rather than the latter.

6) Freewriting/stream of consciousness writing/putting down whatever comes to mind.
Okay. I'm writing, no really it is typing, no really this is keyboarding - although "keyboard" originally just meant the mechanism for pianos and organs -- just anything that comes to mind right now. Look like the cat wants in but I don't want to stop the flow. That's right. These words just keep coming the phone's ringing...where was I oh yes, just streaming my consciousness...oh all right already, stop pawing the window, I'll let you in...

7) Get some physical exercise.
Another one we can all do, providing the definition of "exercise" is broad enough and sports like the upstairs/downstairs laundry run and grocery cart marathon, the copying machine squat-and-repair, and the desk chair rolling event are counted.

8) Relax.
Relax? Relax! I AM relaxed! How much more RELAXED do you want? This IS relaxed. For those of you not quite as naturally relaxed as I am, be careful how you attain this state. In the October 1987 issue of the "American Journal of Psychiatry", Nancy J. Andreasen, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa with a PhD in English, published a 15-year study that found that 30 percent of the writers she studied were alcoholics, compared with seven percent in the comparison group of nonwriters.

9) Try writing in a totally different environment.
This, of course, assumes that you are either using a writing utensil and paper (maybe that notebook you are supposed to carry around at all times) or a laptop computer. I don't think moving your desk eight inches or shifting the angle of your screen counts as "totally different." For those of you who *do* go out to your local bistro or coffee shop to write, you can't always expect to be warmly welcomed day after day if you occupy a table for hours without buying anything.

10) Go out and observe people, note their mannerisms and listen to snippets of their conversation.
This is often combined with # 6 or #8, although I see great possibilities if combined with #4. Others may see these possibilities as well and your life could be endangered. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writing Time

I have been reading a lot of writing books. I wanted to get some advice about what I want to write and how to combat writers block. I found out that if I procrastinate I will never get anything done. I'm now writing whether or not I like what I write. It's called the writing gift. I know I have a gift from God. the gift of writing. I want to change the world. I think reading books about writing is alright. Also reading fiction stories aimed for YA(Young Adult) stories. You can read, but not try and copy your favorite authors. You should find your own voice and let your writing to fill your heart and mind.

I've started a story I'm going to dedicate to my MIL(Mother-in-Law). This story is based on real life and fiction. I hope I can get this finished and published so she can be proud of me. Plus I want to feel poroud of myself too. my MIL is someone who taught me that there are good people in this world that will love you no matter what. She told me she's proud of me due to getting citizenship. I passed my test and told me she was proud of me. This told me that she does love me. Also my partner and best friend is proud of me. I feel on top of the world. I hope people will like this story...


Raven is badly neglected and abused by several members of her family. She has never been shown love or affection. Reaching her eleventh year, she goes to school. Her friend reports that she has several bruises on her body while in the shower room after gym class. They report it to the gym teacher, who checks for herself. She escorts Raven to the headmaster's office and they call in the social services.

The social services want to put Raven into the foster care system. Raven is taken by her assigned social worker Cheryl Richards. He took Raven to the foster family he thought would work well for Raven. It took Cheryl three hours to drive from Boston to Blue Bell Hill. Stopping to have a meal on the journey. Cheryl sensed that Raven wouldn't eat much. He tried to get Raven to talk, but she remained quiet.

Cheryl took Raven to the McCoy family. They were going to be her foster family. It takes a long time for Raven to accept that the McCoy's are a nice family and slowly she gets to know the McCoy family. She soon learns that she has a family that shower her with love. After a year with the McCoy family, they adopt her.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Poem - The Masquerade of Me

Alone in a world where it seems
Impossible to be alone
Got a place to go
Just not one i would call home
But i guess im used to it

Nothing can describe what's inside
Not even lyrics can save me now
A feeling of emptiness
Has taken its place within me
But i guess im used to it

Having not a clue who i am
I fight to be what's right
I just never succeed
In being who i'm supposed to be
But i guess im used to it

I close my eyes and remember
When everything was right
But then i remember
There was never such a time
But i guess im used to it

The hurt and the pain
Runs down both my cheeks
The hurt and the pain
Drips from my wrists
But i guess im used to it

Dying sound nice
Lying to everyone
About everything
Just continues to get harder
But i guess im used to it

I guess i would to be
A good liar because
Everyone believes me
And my fake smiles
But i guess im used to it 

Poem - is it Over Yet

I'm tired of the darkness
I'm tired of the cold
i want it to end
i want to feel the sunshine
i want to feel it's warmth
I'm tired of the loneliness
I'm tired of the abandonment
i want to feel unending love
i want people to stay by my side
i want the ones that love me to never leave me
I'm tired of the pain
I'm tired of the tears
i want to be able to feel happiness
i want to be able to stay standing
i want to be able to smile
I'm tired of the hurting
I'm tired of the depression
i want to fix it all
i want to be put back together
i want to love again
I'm tired of the hatred
I'm tired of the disappointment
i want everything to be alright
i want this all to end
...i need this to end.. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poem - Ghosts of the Past

Labelled mentally unstable,
I'm just a normal woman
lost in the past mistakes.

Counselling in a room scares me,
my poetry holds the truth of my emotions,
writing is the only way I speak.

Your just testing my reactions,
It's you making me loose my sanity,
I'm far from crazy can't you see.

Wishing I was dead doesn't mean I'm suicidal,
that's what led me down this path,
labelled mentally unstable and clinically depressed.

Just a woman struggling with the ghosts of the past.

Poem - Fade to Black

I felt my happiness leave.
My life began to disappear.
I felt betrayed and lost.
I continuously lived in fear.

Abuse can do powerful things.
Especially to an innocent child.
I felt unloved and used.
The depression in me ran wild.

I made a make believe life.
Nothing was as it seemed.
I hoped what happened wasn't real.
I wished it was all a dream.

The walls I've built are solid.
It was up to me to protect myself.
All my hope was washed away.
I didn't know how to ask for help.

Now I feel like I've lost control.
I ran myself straight into the ground.
My life has fully faded to black.
To these demons I remain bound. 

Poem - Suicide

ending your life,
have you ever thought bout it,
just saying goodbye,
and making yourself vanish from earth.

I have once upon a time,
slitting my wrists,
blowing my head off with a gun,
hanging myself,
overdosing on pills,
or maybe just purposely,
crashing a car to where i won't survive.

Not having to feel the pain anymore,
going to a place you feel safe,
to where no pain is felt,
only pure happiness,
I've always wanted to see,
the beautiful pearly gates of heaven,
but thats where your wrong,
suicide you go to hell.

Ending your life,
when you feel nothing is right,
depression consumes your life,
you can't smile,
you don't laugh,
shit you can't even fake it,
your so down in the blues.

That's when suicide crosses your mind,
you think,
maybe I'm better off dead,
nobody will miss me,
not like anybody cares anyways,
so you start to plan your death,
get the suicide letter ready,
tell everybody I Love You,
one last time.

Days later,
your ready to end your life,
you say I'm So Sorry,
out loud hoping someone can hear you,
but knowing they can't.

Whats your method,
a bottle of pills,
a bottle of jack,
you open the bottle,
throw them in your mouth,
chug the alcohol,
and say your last goodbyes.

an easy way out,
ending your life,
have you ever thought bout it,
just saying goodbye,
and making yourself vanish from earth.