Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Story - Search for Answers (Book One)

I have not wrote in such a long time. I feeling that writing wasn't for me. Now I have been studying my Scriptures and found God is there if I need him for anything. I found myself praying for help and guidance. He led me to believe in my own skills and gifts for writing once more. I found he is guiding me with the help of my guardian angels. Yes I believe in angels. I have seen them and know they exist. I'm a devote Catholic.

This is how I outlined my story and came up with an incredible story-line. I think this story will be fantastic once it's been written. I'll be working on it for the next month and following months to come. I'm not going to rush this one. It's not going to be a nano story either. Watch and learn about my work on this blog. It's dedicated to my writing of poetry and stories alike. I also post stuff I want to share about my life and also other junk too.

Reaching the age of 13... Brianna Kincaid had just got home from camp for the second time for the summer. She returns home a bit depressed as she noticed she is entering puberty. She doesn't want to confide in her mother right now. all she wants to do is relax in her room. that is her privacy space. little did she know her mother had invited a student into their home. they did have a big five bedroom house, but it was their house, nobody else.  why did her mother do this to her? she wanted to find out why this girl was here? Then it was time for a new school year. Brianna wanted to learn more about this student from Ireland. She was curious about why her mother had allowed a girl to enter their home. She preferred it when it was the two of them. How could her mother do this horrid thing to her.

Just as she finds out she is starting her first menstrual cycle, she figures out her is not like no normal 13 yr old girl. She is way different. She could even talk about the things that were happening to her with her own mother. Brianna got the notion to run away and hide from the world. This would solve everything she thought. It wouldn't though was the thing. She was being watched by an angel. the angel was her father. Nobody had told Brianna she was half angel, half human. She found she was growing wings, she slowly learning that she had powers of her own. She began seeing the future by just touching a person. It freaked her out at first. She got it into her head she was going crazy. She wanted to talk with her mother, but with the student always around it was hard to get one on one time with her mother. She began thinking her mother preferred the student to her. She got jealous from time to time.

This is the story of how Brianna Jade Kincaid got her wings and her special powers thanks to her father and God. How she could hear Jesus and God talking to her through the Holy Scriptures.

Brianna needed someone who she could talk about what was happening to her. She found it hard to get her favorite t-shirt on. This was odd to her. She knew her mother wasn't going to be home till three in the afternoon after her morning shift at the cafe Le Harve. It was a nice restaurant which served French and Italian cuisine. She is walked to the full length mirror She couldn' see anything out the ordinary till she turned to look at her back. She wanted to freak out.
The thought of something growing out her mid to high back. She took a good look in the mirror it looked like she was growing wings, white wings at that. She was a freak as it was in school. Now this would make it major freaking. The popular girls at school always called her a freak and geek. She was a Pokemon and video game geek, along with being about to program her own software. She had created her own website with the software she created to make short change to add to her allowance.

She pulled the t-shirt over her head pulling it down. Her small wings were making it look like she had something on her back. Now this was not something she wanted happening. She had to call her best friend. Grabbing her phone, she pressed her speed dial to call Sage Mitchell's cell. It was something she had to get Sage to meet her somewhere, not at home for sure. Home was her sacred sanctum. She knew Sage had sleeped in her room at her house several times over the years of friendship. Right now Brianna wanted was out the house. 

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