Story - Healing the Wounds

An drunk abusive mother. Scott got beatings, and burns from his mother's cigarette's. She would also refuse him meals and baths. When she was drunk, she ignored Scott and locked him in his bedroom, where there was only a mattress, sheet and one pillow. No toys, or anything. Anytime he brought toys or books he brought hoe, his mother would burn them. His father was never around. He walked out on him, when Scott was three/four yrs old.

Finally his maternal grandmother calls in the police and social services and Scott is removed from the home and placed in foster care. His first home was a start of Scott's healing. The Hamilton's find love and compassion for Scott a task in its self. They show Scott that true love for a child isn't beatings and neglect, but love and compassion...


The night was rough; I had a couple of nightmares. Colt and Jonathan were nice. They got Nurse Anna each time I had woke up screaming. She got me back to sleep, but I was frightened mom was going to come get me, but somehow I felt reassured with Colt and Jonathan. I walked down to the cafeteria and had breakfast this morning. Nurse Anna found me some clean clothes and I also had a nice warm bath. I was hoping Quinn was going to come see me and at least let me know why I was so far away from my mom and both my Nana’s.
After breakfast, I was taught how to make a bed by Colt. They noticed my cuts and bruises and helped me settle into Byker Grove. The morning went rather alright. The staff got me settled into school, Southport Middle school was alright, and I was in Colt’s homeroom and saw Colt and some of the others from Byker Grove.
At recess I got to hag with Colt, Jonathan and some their friends. I thought being here in Indianapolis was going to be bad, but it wasn’t. It was nice to know and make friends for once. Plus not having to go home to mom and her beatings was a big plus. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about mom, Nana Thomas and Nana Nash. I missed Nana Nash most, she was my father’s mom and she was always teaching me new things about surviving living with mom and learning new things about Australia where my uncle lived. I only heard about him and saw him in photographs. I loved looking at photos of dad and his brother and sister. This was something I loved, plus Nana taught me how to cook.
Around ten in the morning, I was staring out the big window, thinking about mom and Nana Nash. I close my eyes and imagine Nana being here with me and us talking about my dad and what I had in common with him. Then I noticed a minivan driving into the big driveway of Byker Grove. I looked carefully at the man getting out, I was right, it was Quinn. I went downstairs and bumped into Quinn on the way up the stairs. I thought he might have news of mom or where I would be going from this place.
“Hey kiddo, you’re the same person I came to see. I need to see Nurse Anna, and then we’ll all have a talk about you. Come on lets go back upstairs.” He said as I walked in front of him. I walked to my room, while he walked into the direction of the sickbay.
Once into the room, I noticed Colt was arguing with someone I wasn’t sure who was. Jonathan explained to me, Sol was a tough nut, and saying things about me and Colt was fighting for my honor. I walked to the kid, and I shoved him as hard as I could. He left Colt alone and shoved me back. I remember Uncle Harold, Nana Nash lived with.
“You leave Colt alone!” I exclaimed. I wasn’t about to let someone fight my battles.
“You’re not twelve. You’re too small to be twelve.” Then he shoved me again. I felt to the floor.

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