Story - Lonely American Road

When Chloe is told by her father Cliff he is moving the family to America forever. Plus he intends to get married to the woman he's been traveling to see over the last few months. Chloe isn't please at all. She fights with her father several times over the coming weeks. She goes with the thoughts of ruin the marriage and get her and her brother back in England. She finds that her future stepmom is a nice lady and has two children. Slowly Chloe likes the idea of having a mother. Since her mother's death just after Max was born. In the end Kim has Cliff's baby and Chloe and Kim start gettin along like they've known each other since she was young.


She walked in and up to her dad. She was surprised he was talking like he was going to a foreign country.  Chloe pulled on her dad's sleeve and looked at him with a frown. "Dad, what is this party for?" she asked being the inquisitive girl she was.
Cliff turned to his daughter and smiled like a Cheshire cat. "Hello Chloe. I got my promotion. We get to go live in America." He told her. She didn't believe her ears. Move to America? How could he do this to her? She weren't going to go.
"I'm not going. I'm outta here." Chloe shouted as she turned tail and ran to the lifts. She was going to find somewhere to hide so she wouldn't have to go.
Chloe got to the lifts; she pressed the button to summon them. Before it got there her dad was by her side.  Now what was she going to do? She had to think fast. Her dad was going to talk her into moving to America. Chloe hoped she could talk her way out of having to go to America.  The look on her dad's face told a different story.
"Chloe, you are going to America with me. It was just like Max and Kyle are also going with me. You're all my children, plus, till you're eighteen you had to live with me. You'll get to have a mom too. We'd be living near Kimberly and her two children. Won't that be fun?" he implied. Cliff was hoping he could talk Chloe into liking the idea of traveling to a different country.
"Dad, what about my friends, I don't want to go. I'll miss Jake and Fern. They're my best friends. Why did you not think about me and my brother before deciding to move to America?" Chloe blurted out. She thought her dad was being heartless.
Putting his hands on Chloe's shoulders, bend down to her eye level. Chloe was just a mere five foot tall. Her blonde hair was getting into her eyes. "Chloe, I did think of you and your brothers. I think you having a mum and being able to talk to her about girl things would be better than talking with me. Plus you'll be getting two younger sisters." Cliff explained to Chloe. She still was being stubborn as heck.
Chloe pushed her dad's hands off her shoulders forcefully. "No!" Chloe had not just done that. She could feel her blood boiling as her temper got her angrier. "Dad, I'm not going. I don't care what you think or want. I'm staying here in Gillingham." She said as she jumped into the lift and pushed the ground floor button. The lift doors closed and she was gone. 
As the lift got to the ground floor, the doors opened. Chloe saw her dad standing there waiting on her. She'd gone three floors down. How could her dad get down faster than her by using the stairs? He was a good runner, but not faster than a lift she told herself. He didn't going to allow her to leave the building.
She tried to push past him and run for the bus. "No. You and I are going to have a talk. You need to know I'm doing this for us all. Not to ruin your life sweetheart." he explained to Chloe. Cliff wanted her to understand.
"Dad, what will I do about missing all my friends?" Chloe asked. She was still thinking her dad was trying to split her and Fern up. Fern and she always pulled stunts, tricks on people, especially at school.

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